Blue Belle Chic

Blue Belle Chic” Oval Stove

Energy efficiency class A

(A++ ; G)

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An open flame stove with an INNOVATIVE DESIGN that decorates and easily integrates with all home decors (modern or classic). Equipped with 5 wheels, it can easily be positioned in the desired place.
The cylinder is not visible and is stored in a compartment that closes with a door. This stove works with an open flame burner. The flame generates a bottom to top air flow that creates air circulation similar to that of a ventilated stove. The stove is CE CERTIFIED according to the norm EN 449 for “domestic flue less space heaters”, and is made of completely recyclable materials. An atmosphere analyzer monitors the CO2 percentage in the room, and switches-off the stove if the limit stipulated by law is exceeded. WE TEST every stove produced before being packaged, thereby guaranteeing maximum safety during use, even in domestic environments.

Data sheet

Max caloric power 4,2 Kw (14340 BtU/h)
Adjustments Max / Min
Maximum gas power consumption 0,305 kg/h
Ignition System piezoelectric/piezoelectronic
Max cylinder size 15 Kg
Available pressures 28 / 30 / 37 / 50 mbar
Gas Type GPL - LPG Butano-Butane / Propano Propane (G30/G31) Flüssiggas - LPG Butan / Propan (G30/G31)
Thermostat option Yes, modulating
Net weight/gross weight 11 Kg /13 kg
Stove dimensions 38,3 x 43,3 x 77 cm
Packaged stove dimensions 40 x 44 x 79,5 cm
No. of Pieces per Euro pallet 15 pcs
Euro pallet dimensions 120 x 80 x 235 cm
Quantity per full lorry 33 pallet x tot - 495 pcs
Classe energetica A