Which Pellet?

The wood pellet is a solid cylinder shaped combustible made of pure dried wood.

A low quality pellet, other than terrible combustion, will also have a low heat performance and will leave a lot of residue. Light pellet, dark pellet or mixed?

There is no absolute rule, generally the light pellet (deal) has a lower heat power and leaves less residue than the dark one (beech).

The dark one has greater heating power but leaves more residue. It is about finding the right compromise for one's needs. It is always advised to test the pellets before proceeding with the purchase of large quantities.

The certified pellet: It is surely appropriate to purchase certified pellets, from June 2011 a unique regulation on a European level, EN 14961-2, was introduced, which will divide the types of pellets into 3 categories with the "EN Plus" marking: A1 for the highest quality, A2 and B which identifies the lesser quality pellet only appropriate for industrial use.

enplus 250

With the enforcement of this regulation, the consumer will finally be able to know the quality of the pellet purchased. Thanks to the identification number, the pellet's traceability is guaranteed. Every year the manufacturing systems and the course of the manufacturing process are checked at the manufacturer's facility. Samples are also taken. The pellet sellers must respect certain regulations, which may be verified at any moment. (more info on www.depi.de- Deutsches Pelletinstitut GmbH).