The history

It was 1980 when Bruno Tullio Cristini decided to create Tranciatura Metalli Cristini (Cristini Metal Cutting Company, today TMC).
He began in a garage, carrying out cutting jobs as a toll manufacturer.

But he soon began to design, manufacture and sell his own products and to give structure to the company. And so began the growth of Tmc.


Tmc today is concentrated in the production of gas and pellet devices for heating interiors.  
The right quality, price and reliability ratio of the products helps TMC approach its main objective, which is customer satisfaction and innovation.

TMC designs and develops all of its products inhouse. 

A meticulous check in manufacturing and the collaboration with certified supplier, the use of technologies which are always more and more advanced and a constant investment in human resources and in their training are the TMC guarantee.

Today, Tmc manufactures all products inhouse by occupying a space of about 5000 square meters.

Head office in Caprino Veronese - Verona

Production plant Albarè di Costermano - Verona