Pellet, the cheap fuel

The wood pellet is a solid cylinder shaped combustible made of pure dried wood.

The price of gas is continuously rising. The use of alternative heating sources helps a lot to save on the heating expenses. Due to the market prices of the various fuels are expressed in different units of measurement, that have different calorific values and to the fact that each house has its own characteristics, it is not easy to make an immediate comparison.

However, that table below shows an indication of the average savings obtained by switching from the various coming heating sources to a pellet stove.

The data are approximate and may vary significantly depending on the specific situation.

Fonte: centroconsumatori 
aggiornamento Ottobre 2019
When you switch from methane to pellet,
you can save up to

13% on cost

when you switch from diesel to pellet,
you can save up to

46% on cost

when you switch from Lpg to pellet,
you can save up to

61% on cost

Questo significa che per una spesa di

1000 €

ne avrei spesi:

1500 €

Riscaldamento a metano

3.030,00 €

Riscaldamento a GPL

1.860,00 €

Riscaldamento a gasolio