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Camilla 3100 / Camilla 3400

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Model catalytic heater Camilla 3100 / 3400
Energy Class A   (A++;G)

The gas heater CAMILLA is recommended for heating residential rooms.
Equipped with a catalytic panel to heat dry and clean rooms.
The high platinum content in our catalytic panels permits an efficacious catalysis process thus

Guaranteeing the output indicated.

An atmosphere analyzer also monitors the CO2 percentage in the environment and switches off

The heater if the percentage exceeds the limit established by the law. The ignition is piezoelectric

And the power can be adjusted to three different levels.

WE TEST every heater produced before being packaged, thereby guaranteeing maximum safety during use, even in domestic environments

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Data sheet

Energy class A
Max. caloric power 3,4 kW
Minimum caloric power 2,2 kW
Adjustments Max / Med / Min
Maximum gas power consumption 0,240 kg/h
Ignition system Manual piezoelectric
Max cylinder size 15 kg
Available pressures 28 / 30 / 37 / 50 mbar
Gas type Butan / Propan (G30/G31)
Net weight/gross weight 11 / 13 kg
Stove dimensions (LxPxA) 45,5 x 34,5 x 77,5 cm


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